Candles - Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us at Cocoa Sublime, so we’ve developed this Privacy Policy to document how Candles addresses your privacy rights.

For the purpose’s of this document, personal information is data that can be used to identify of contact a single person.

Why Candles accesses your personal information

Candles is an application that is designed to read the birthday information in your address book and create reminder events in your calendar. This information is, by definition, private information. Without access to your contacts and calendar, Candles is unable to function.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

What personal information we collect

Candles scans your contacts to extract birthday and other date information (e.g. anniversaries), which it then copies to its database for processing. It then analyses the extracted data to determine when events need to be created in your calendar and calculates the age for the event. The events are then written to a separate calendar in your calendars, based on the settings you choose within the application.

This information is copied to the Candles database so that Candles can identify whether any details have changed since it was last run, and update the calendar accordingly

How we use your personal information

While Candles needs access to this personal information to function, it does nothing further with this information beyond what has been described. In particular, Candles does not copy your personal information to any other computer or network, or extract this information in any way – Candles keeps the information it uses on your computer and under your control. As such, Cocoa Sublime has no access to your personal information.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Candles does not move your data beyond your computer in any way, and no Third Parties are able to access your data via the application.

If you have chosen to place your Calendars in iCloud, then Candles will respect this choice and place the new calendar it creates in iCloud. To review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for iCloud, please refer to

Privacy Questions

Any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to contact our Privacy Officer, please contact us. You can always contact us via our web site contact page, at

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